About XRPL Marketplace

XRPLMarketplace.com is a multi-vendor marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to transact with each other using ‘Pay with Xumm’. Xumm is the number one self-custody wallet designed specifically for use with the XRP Ledger.

The marketplace is currently in development and some functionality may not yet be available. Please feel free to send us some feedback via Twitter DM

For Vendors
– It’s currently free to register as a Vendor and setup your own Store on xrplmarketplace.com. When you have created your store you can add unlimited products and start accepting payments via Xumm straight away! We take just a 1% commission on each sale, there are no other costs for selling as a Vendor on xrplmarketplace.com.
– Vendors can also add listings for and link to items that are already for sale on other websites, ideal for advertising NFTs on other XRPL NFT marketplaces! When adding a product simply select ‘External/Affiliate Product’ from the drop-down menu.
– If there isn’t a suitable product category please send a Twitter DM and we’ll either suggest a suitable category or add a new category for you to use.
– Reminder: Vendors are responsible for any taxes/legal compliance for adverts/sales made via this platform.

– While this site is in the development stage you will notice that payment ‘withdrawal options’ are currently only showing as Paypal/Bank Transfer. As a temporary workaround you may contact us via Twitter DM to request withdrawal via Xumm. Alternatively you may list your products as ‘External/Affiliate Product’ and include a link to a Xumm payment request to accept direct payment, for example: https://xrplmarketplace.com/product/xtweet-sponsored-giveaway/ We recommend this method for any high value items until we are able to implement an update which enables direct Peer-to-Peer payment via Xumm for all standard listings by default.
– Do not rely on xrplmarketplace.com as a reliable source of income, the site is in development and should be treated as such.

For Buyers
– Always do your own research before purchasing any items/services, anyone can open a Store on xrplmarketplace.com and xrplmarketplace.com does not endorse any of the Vendors/Advertisers and we take no responsibility for any issue that may arise. Any transactions made by Xumm via this site are not reversible and you’ll need to contact the relevant Vendor to resolve any dispute or to seek support for any purchase/transaction.
– We highly recommend adding a public Review for any item you have purchased to help increase trust of legitimate Vendors and to help us identify and remove untrustworthy Vendors.
– You can send us feedback via Twitter DM

It’s extraordinarily difficult to build trust between buyers and sellers on an open Peer to Peer marketplaces such as this one. Here are simple recommendations to help build and maintain trust:
– As a Seller, always use a tracked (preferably signed for) postal service when shipping physical items to Buyers, this can help prevent fraudulent claims being made against you.
– As a Buyer, leaving reviews for Items after every purchase is a great way to help others know whether to trust a Seller.
– As a Seller always try to include high quality images and descriptions for all your items and give clear information regarding any returns/cancellation/shipping policies or any other item specific instructions.
– As a Buyer always try to research and some due diligence on a Seller before making a purchase.

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